Do What You Like To Stay Motivated

Sometimes when I’m having a conversation about how to stay motivated I hear “it’s not possible to stay motivated all the time”. Rather than ask “how can I stay motivated?” people generally assume it’s not possible. I’m not saying that it’s possible to be excited about everything you do or to do what you like to do all the time. I don’t feel joy when I’m putting the rubbish out, but I am motivated to do it because of the consequences if I don’t do it. Similarly there are aspects of my job I don’t like. But I do them because they’re part of the job, it’s part of the game.

Do What You Like To Do- The Easy Way Of Staying Motivated

There are a few reasons why I started this site. One reason is I wanted to learn how to build an online business. Another reason is I enjoy communicating with people, talking, reading and writing. I wanted to start spending more time doing what I enjoy. It’s not hard to stay motivated when you do what you like to do. Yet another reason is I want to be able to discuss strategies for financial freedom and success with like minded people. There is so much “you can’t do that” attitude in society that if you let it, it will stop you. I want to surround myself with as many “you can achieve your dreams” people as possible. Also I wanted to be able to share the journey and the resources that help me with anyone who is interested.


do what you like to


If You Change, Everything Changes

If there is something in your life you’re not happy with, do something to change it. When you don’t know what to do start searching for a solution. We live in the information age so if you keep looking eventually you will find your answer. I had no idea how to build a website or write articles before I started this site. But I knew if other people had done it so could I. One thing to keep in mind is that your ideas are just your ideas, and they form your reality. If you change the way you look at something then the way that something looks will change. If you have a philosophy of “my mind is open to all possibilities” you’ll soon start seeing solutions to any challenge you have.

Have A Strong “Why”

If you have a strong reason staying motivated to achieve something will not be hard. If you’re hungry you’ll look for food, no one will have to push you. Similarly if you’re broke you’ll look at ways of making money. When your reason is not strong you’ll make excuses but when your reason is strong you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. In the past I’ve underestimated the importance of self discipline and commitment, but not any more. I’ve recently realised that the major difference between successful people and  unsuccessful people is that they have the discipline to do the things that need to be done everyday because they are committed to a goal or purpose. They have a “whatever it takes” attitude and they take responsibility for their actions and results.

Learn To Swim With Your Kind

There are obviously lots of different kinds of people in this world and that’s a great thing. But one thing I’ve learned to do is to surround myself with people that will support me in achieving my goals. That’s why I’m always reading or listening to success books, audio programs and watching YouTube videos. I may not be able to hang around people like Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins or Les Brown but I can learn a lot from them. I’m grateful that there are people willing to share their knowledge and experience so that others like me can learn from them. I also like to learn from people who fail so that I don’t make their mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn and I know how to make my own. Some people say it’s not a mistake if you learn from it.

Keep Things Interesting

If you’re bored, do something different. This is what I meant when I said do what you like to do. Having a routine is good but sometimes you need change things up a bit. Having fun is part of human nature and you need to enjoy the game. I like to listen to audio books on the way to work. But sometimes I like to watch YouTube inspirational or motivational videos. I’ve posted a link to one below and I want to say thank you to all the people that spend their time putting these kind of videos together. They make my journey more enjoyable. Hopefully I’ve been able to give you some helpful tips on how to stay motivated.




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  1. Thanks for sharing a motivational article. This article in itself answers the question; Do you like to stay motivated. Everyone needs to look at the selves in a more in-depth way.

    • Thanks for the comment Maurice. Doing what you like to stay motivated is a simple idea but not always easy to do. It’s up to each person to look at their life and decide if they are happy in all areas of their life or if they need to change something. The motivation to change comes naturally when you’ve had enough with that situation or aspect of life and decide to change right now. All the best

  2. Hi Diego, this is very interesting article and in fact an important topic! I especially liked the video! The most important factor for success is definitely the mindset. For me the problem is boredom, which sets in very easily. I tend to like doing new things and get excited about it, even to the level of obsession! But after a while things I learn most there is to learn about the topic and it starts to bore me. I need to constantly find new intellectual challenges to keep pushing. Luckily I am very well aware of this and actively seek them out.

    • Thanks for the comment ArtByHeart, I completely agree with you. Looking for new challenges is very important to keeping life interesting and staying motivated. I have the same challenge as you, I get bored easily if I’m just doing the same thing over and over again. But like you say, as long as you’re aware of this then you can be proactive and look for new challenges. All the best.

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